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Leagues of Votann Armoury

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Armoury of the Leagues of Votann.

For the classic Squat armoury, see Squat Armoury.


Close Combat Weapons

Close Combat Weapons[1][2]
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Ancestral Warding Stave Barrier-Tech
Concussion Gauntlet Concussion Weapon
Concussion Hammer Concussion Weapon
Concussion Maul Concussion Weapon
Darkstar Blade Darkstar Weapon
Darkstar Axe Darkstar Weapon
Graviton Hammer Graviton Weapon
Mass Hammer
Mass Gauntlet
Plasma Knife Plasma Weapon
Plasma Blade Plasma Weapon
Plasma Axe Plasma Weapon
Heavy Plasma Axe Plasma Weapon

Ranged Weapons

Basic Weapons

Ranged Weapons (Basic)[1][2]
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Autoch Pattern Bolt Pistol Bolt Weapons
Autoch Pattern Bolter Bolt Weapons
Autoch-Pattern Combi-Bolter Bolt Weapons
Bolt Revolver Bolt Weapons
Ion Pistol Ion Weapons
Bolt Shotgun Bolt Weapons
Cthonian Beserk Mole Grenade Launcher Mole Launcher
Etacarn Plasma Gun Plasma Weapon
Etacarn Plasma Pistol Plasma Weapon
EtaCarn Plasma Beamer Plasma Weapon
Exo-Armour Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher
Graviton Rifle Graviton Weapon
Ion Blaster Ion Weapon
Hylas Auto Rifle Las Weapons
Las-Beam Cutter Las Weapons
Volkanite Disintegrator

Heavy Weapons

Ranged Weapons (Heavy)[1]
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Votann Bolt Cannon Bolt Weapon
Graviton Blast Cannon Graviton Weapon
Cyclic Ion Cannon Ion Weapon
Ion Beamer Ion Weapon
HYLas Beam Cannon Laser Weapon
HYLas Rotary Cannon Laser Weapon
Magna-Coil Autocannon Autocannon
Magna Rail Rifle Railgun
Magna Rail Cannon Railgun
L7 Missile Launcher Missile Weapon
MATR Autocannon Autocannon
SP Conversion Beamer
SP Heavy Conversion Beamer


Name Notes
Concussion Grenade


Name Image Notes
Hernkyn Pioneer
Hernkyn Pioneer.jpg
Sagitaur ATV
Sagitaur ATV.jpg
Hekaton Land Fortress
Hekaton Land Fortress.jpg
Harvester Fortress


Name Notes
RAM Shield
Shield Crest
Rampart Crest
Void Armour
Void Suit
Weavefield Projector
Multiwave Comms Array
Pan-Spectral Scanner
Teleport Crest
HunTR Module
CORV Robot
E-COG Robot


Name Notes
Blade of the Ancestors Wielded by Ûthar
Abiding Mantle Cloak
Aktôl's Fortress Armour Crest
Ancestral Crest Armour crest
The Captive Abyss Grenade
Exactor Hammer
Flâyre Axe
First Knife Plasma Knife
Forgestar Volkanite Disintegrator
Grey Crest Armour crest
Grudge's End Bolter interface
Hearthfist Gauntlet
Iron Ambassador HunTR
Just Blade Blade
Kâhyrm's War Plate Armour
Kôrvyk's Cuirass chest plate
Last Crest of Jâluk Shield Crest
Murmuring Stave Warding Stave
Recyc Converter Module
Tôrek's Shard Plasma Knife
Wârpestryk Armour
Wayfarer's Grace Void Suit
Vôlumm's Master Artifice Graviton Rifle
Ymmâ's Shield Shield
Ythur's Vengeance Augmetic