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Library of Ptolemy

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The Library of Ptolemy is the Librarium of the Ultramarines Chapter. Located within the Fortress of Hera on Macragge, the Library is named for Ptolemy, the first and greatest Librarian of the Ultramarines Legion.[1][3]

The Library is one of the greatest repositories of knowledge in the entire Imperium, greater in reputation than the Agrippan Conclaves or the Arcanium of Teleos. It is reputed to contain practically every word crafted in all of human history[2a].

The Library occupies an entire spur of the range of the Crown Mountains occupied by the Fortress of Hera[2a].

At the heart of the Library, guarded by Ultramarines warriors and auto-defenses, is the Arcanium, which contains one of the greatest relics of the Imperium: Roboute Guilliman's manuscript of the Codex Astartes, inscribed into four enormous volumes, each one metre long and one-third of a metre thick[2b].

According to Chief Librarian Tigurius, the Arcanium occupies the same remote spot where Guilliman, as a boy, would seek solitude to study and reflect – a fact which is a carefully guarded secret, since Tigurius has no intention of attracting pilgrims that would spoil the peace of the refuge[2c].

Upon the resurrection of Guilliman after the Thirteenth Black Crusade, the Library of Ptolemy was ordered sealed and forbidden to enter upon penalty of death.[4] This decision was fought by new Remembrancers such as Fabian Guelphrain.[5a] During the Plague Wars the Library was infiltrated by the Great Unclean One Rotigus, who sought to give a tome containing the history of Imperium Secundus to Fabian.[5b]