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Marcello is an Epistolary in the Blood Angels Chapter.[1][2a]

He was present when Hive Fleet Leviathan invaded the Baal System.[2a] However he would not take part in most of the campaign against the Tyranids, as he was among the Librarians chosen to aid Chief Librarian Mephiston in a Warp ritual that would prevent the Bloodthirster Ka'Bandha from invading Baal as well. Marcello later led the ritual, which opened a portal into Khorne's kingdom and allowed Mephiston to strike at Ka'Bandha, in the hopes of ending the Daemon's threat before it could escape from the Warp. The Bloodthirster retaliated though and caused the Librarians conducting the ritual to collapse, which closed the Warp portal. Many of the Liberians who took part in the ritual were killed by the ordeal, but it is not known if Marcello was among their number.[2b]

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