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Operation Newfound

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Operation Newfound was the second major phase of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, following immediately from the completion of the first, Operation Redrake. Its focus was the Newfound Trailing Group within the Sabbat Worlds.[1]


Redrake was the initial phase of the Crusade, designed to provide a swift, complete victory for morale purposes and give the Crusade a foothold within the Archenemy's territory. The territorial gains of Redrake were a modest four worlds.[1a] Warmaster Slaydo fully expected Newfound to be a longer and more complicated campaign, not only because its goals were much more ambitious, but also because he expected retaliation after Archon Nadzybar "woke up" from the surprise of Redrake.[1b]

The Chaos forces opposing Operation Newfound came in three primary forms[1c]:

  1. Entrenched planetary defenders, often numbering in the millions;
  2. The counter-attack forces immediately dispatched by Nadzybar, in the form of raider fleets and convoys to resupply the defenders;
  3. Mobile opportunists, either retreating from Redrake or having abandoned their posts ahead of the Imperial advance, who, while disorganized, caused plenty of havoc behind Imperial lines.

Newfound's ultimate goal was the capture of the strategically vital world of Balhaut, which took Slaydo the better part of a decade to achieve.[1b]

Notable Engagements of Operation Newfound

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