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Sverren is a planet in the Sabbat Worlds Cluster, which was occupied by the forces of Chaos.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Sverren px
Segmentum: Pacificus
Sector: Sabbat Worlds
Subsector: Newfound Trailing Group
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: N/A
Class: Unknown
Tithe Grade: N/A

Sverren is a central part of the celestial phenomenon known as the Holy Visage, the region of the Sabbat Worlds which is said to resemble the face of Saint Sabbat herself, when viewed from coreward at a precise time[1a].

During the First Battle of Sverren, taking place during Operation Newfound, the planet was liberated by Imperial forces under the command of Lord Militant Humel and General Bulledin[1a]. Because of his experience, Bulledin was re-assigned to the Sverren theatre when the planet was retaken by the Archenemy during Archon Nadzybar's counter-offensive.[1b]

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