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Phaenon Prime

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Phaenon Prime was a former Hive World of the Imperium, before it embraced Chaos worship and was destroyed.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Phaenon Prime Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: None, formerly 14 billion
Affiliation: None, former Imperium, former Chaos
Class: Destroyed, former Penal World, former Hive World
Tithe Grade: None

Phaenon Prime was an isolated Hive World, which suffered from pirate activity, xenos slaver raids, and much worse. Its situation only worsened in recent years as what little Imperial protection it received was cut away to aid in the nearby Angevin Crusade. Increasingly embittered, Phaenon Prime’s Lord Commander declared secession from the Imperium and with the aid of ships from their new pirate allies soon crushed any resistance from neighboring planets. In an orgy of bloodletting, he threw down the blessed icons of the Ministorum and raised the foul idols of Chaos in their place, bargaining that the Imperium's preoccupation with the bloody toll of the ongoing conquest of the Calyx Expanse would protect him from swift retribution.[1]

He was proven wrong as the notorious Xanthite Lord Inquisitor and warlord Kobras Aquairre, arrived with an Inquisition fleet taskforce, re-diverted from the Angevin Crusade, to end the rebellion with extreme prejudice. Smashing aside the raider ships and crippling the planetary defenses, Aquairre's judgment on Phaenon Prime was as harsh as it was merciless, and he deployed the Life Eater virus without delay. A Hive World of fourteen billion souls was slaughtered in punishment for their pride and blasphemy unto the last living thing. Afterwards Phaenon Prime was given over as a dominion of the Holy Ordos and quickly began to be used as repository for captured weapons and prisoners to be studied by the cabal of Xanthites drawn to the distant, dead world.[1]

Within a space of only a few decades after Phaenon Prime’s establishment as an Inquisitorial base, disquieting reports began to reach Inquisitors both in the Angevin Crusade's forces and the nearby Ixaniad Sector, that darkness and heresy had taken hold once again on the dead world. An Inquisitor was sent to infiltrate the faction using the planet and report back what he found. What he discovered sparked an immediate purge within the ranks of the Ordo Calixis and Ixaniad, as the Inquisitors on Phaenon Prime were of the traitorous Phaenonite belief - the denial of the Emperor as divine and the pursuit of warp-tainted sciences and the horrors of the Dark Age of Technology. After the death of the Phaenonites and those accused of aiding them, the Ordo Calixis came to believe some corrupting presence dwelled on Phaenon Prime and requested the aid of the Priesthood of Mars in destroying the planet; by tearing a nearby moon from its natural orbit to strike Phaenon Prime, smashing the cursed planet to fragments.[1]

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