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Penal World

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A Penal World is a class of Imperial world used entirely as a military-prison planet. A single such world's population consists of criminals from hundreds of different worlds. They tend to be barren worlds that have few other uses. Military formations are then raised from among the population as necessary, to serve as Penal Legion troops within Imperial Guard regiments. There they may earn redemption through their term of service, which is for life.

Penal Worlds are barren and have little, if any, native population. There are also comparable worlds used as penal colonies.

Notable Penal Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affiliation Population Notes
Carandiru Unknown Imperium Unknown
Dorrholtz Unknown Imperium Unknown
Ferroxian Unknown Imperium Unknown
Izzakos Unknown Imperium Unknown
Kommitzar Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Kormarg II Unknown Imperium Unknown
Phaenon Prime (former) Segmentum Obscurus None, former Imperium, former Chaos None Destroyed. Also former Hive World
Phyrr Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also — Death World
Rael's World Unknown Imperium Unknown
Sauten Helios Unknown Imperium Unknown
Savlar Unknown Imperium Unknown
Scarato Unknown Imperium Unknown
St. Josmane's Hope (former) Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown Now - destroyed
Zeta-Garmon X Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown

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