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Unknown.jpg Plaguebones Miniature.jpg
Origin: Snakebones Chapter[1]
Leader: Kortharis[1]
Colours: Unknown
Specialty: Rapid, ground-based assaults[2]
Chaos Dedication: Nurgle[1]
Strength: Unknown

The Plaguebones are a Nurgle Warband, who are led by the Daemon Prince Kortharis.[1]


The Plaguebones were originally the loyal Snakebones Chapter, until their fateful encounter with the Death Guard, within the Subiaco Diablo Sector, during the Eleventh Black Crusade. The Chapter clashed repeatedly with the Traitor Legion, as the Snakebones fought to defend the Sector, but they were forced to retreat from each battle, when the Death Guard swarmed them with Plague Zombies. However, each time the Snakebones' Chapter Master, Kortharis, gave the order to retreat, he ensured their Apothecaries were given enough time to recover the Chapter's fallen Battle Brothers' Progenoid Glands. But this proved to be their undoing though, as the Chapter did not known that the Plague Zombies they fought, carried the Destroyer Plague within them. This resulted in the recovered Progenoid Glands becoming thoroughly infected with the deadly disease. When these infected Progenoid Glands were later implanted into new members of the Snakebones, the Destroyer Plague emerged and soon corrupted the entire Chapter. Devoted to his men, Kortharis sought a solution to the disease, but none could be found - until the Chaos God Nurgle answered his plea for aid. Soon enough, the entire Chapter embraced their new condition and were reborn as the Plaguebones.[1]

Now loyal servants to the Plague Father, the Warband have fought many battles in his name and have also struck up a friendship and alliance with their fellow Nurgle Warband, the Death Bringers[1]. In battle, the Plaguebones are now an infantry-heavy army, that conducts rapid, ground-based assaults[2] and has grown to include Daemons, Traitor Guard[1], Chaos Ogryns, Daemon Engines and Mutants into its forces. The Warband has recently seen the addition of several Plague Drones to the Warband, which suggests that Nurgle is taking a more active interest in his new devotees.[2]

Though the Death Guard infected the Plagueones and caused their downfall, the Warband has no ill regard for the Traitor Legion. The Plaguebones' leader, Kortharis, even sent the Warband's First Lieutenant, Electus, to rally the Death Guard against the Imperium. Electus would then travel into the Eye of Terror, with a contingent of the Plaguebones' best warriors, to undertake Kortharis' secret mission. This was centuries ago, but since the Death Guard have recently launched a united offensive, the Plaguebones believe Electus has succeeded in his mission.[3]

Other Assets

The Plaguebones includes a Plague Centurion, at least two Contemptor Dreadnoughts and a Dark Magister.[1]

Known Members



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