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Second Battle of Golgotha

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Second battle of Golgotha; for the first battle, see Battle of Golgotha.

The Second Battle of Golgotha was a battle between the Second and Third wars for Armageddon.[1]

During the First Battle of Golgotha Imperial forces were defeated and Commissar Yarrick was captured by his arch-nemesis Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka. However Yarrick managed to escape, and upon his return to Imperial territory immediately organized a campaign of vengeance against the Orks on Golgotha. Though Ghazghkull had since departed Golgotha Yarrick used Titans and Skitarii to assault the planet once more. However the war was still going badly for the Imperials until the Mechanicum constructed a Ordinatus engine to scour the world of Greenskins.[1]

While the Imperials were victorious the Orks would later counterattack and launch a renewed invasion of the planet.[2]


The battle originally portrayed Golgotha as a Squat homeworld, and Squat forces heavily took part in the battle alongside Yarrick's army. The Squats have since been largely removed from canon, though the status of the battle itself remains unclear.