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Hammer and Bolter (Anthology Series)

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Hammer and Bolter is a Warhammer 40,000 animated anthology series which premiered on Warhammer+ in August 2021.[1][5]

Known Episodes

  • Episode 1: Death's Hand - An Inquisitor’s voyage back to Terra takes an unexpected turn. Callidus Assassins tend to have that effect on a situation.[1][3] Premiered with the launch of Warhammer+ in August 2021.[5]
  • Episode 2: Bound for Greatness - They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and that’s especially true in the dusty corners of this Librarium.[3] Released with the launch of Warhammer+ in August 2021.[5]
  • Episode 3: In the Garden of Ghosts - Past and present brutally intertwine as an Aeldari Spiritseer scours the ruins of a ravaged craftworld.[3]
  • Episode 4: A Question of Faith - A pair of Battle Sisters guard a sacred shrine against hordes of Chaos Cultists. Can faith prevail against brute ferocity? Written by George Mann and premiered on October 13th 2021.[2][3][7]
  • Episode 5: Fangs - Three Space Wolves aspirants push themselves to the limits of endurance. Meanwhile, within the walls of The Fang, an altogether different contest unfolds.[3] Premiered on August 6th 2021.[7]
  • Episode 6: Old Bale Eye - Focuses on the battle between Yarrick and Ghazghkull.[3] Premiered online for free as part of a preview for Warhammer+ in August 2021.[5]
  • Episode 7: Kill Protocol - In the aftermath of an all-consuming war, a lone Tech-priest and the Kastelan Robot she commands set out through Ork-infested wastes on a quest to retrieve a sacred piece of technology from the ruins of a distant city.[6] Premiered on December 15th 2021.[7]
  • Episode 8: Artefacts - After ransacking a Necron tomb world, a group of Black Legion Terminators to track down a xenos artefact by Abaddon the Despoiler. However, their prize lies in the depths of a vast space hulk, and they are not alone in seeking it.[6] Premiered January 19th 2022.[7]
  • Episode 9: Cadia Stands - As Astra Militarum forces fight for survival against endless waves of Tyranids on a war-torn battlefront, a messenger must deliver a crucial communique back to central command. Premiered on January 12th 2022.[7]
  • Episode 10: Plague Song - Premiered March 23rd 2022.[7]
  • Episode 11: All or Nothing - Premiered June 2022. Takes place in Age of Sigmar universe

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