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Hammer and Bolter (Anthology Series)

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Hammer and Bolter is a Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar animated anthology series which premiered on Warhammer+ in August 2021.[1][5]


  • Episode 1: Death's Hand - An Inquisitor’s voyage back to Terra takes an unexpected turn. Callidus Assassins tend to have that effect on a situation.[1][3] Premiered with the launch of Warhammer+ in August 2021.[5]
  • Episode 2: Bound for Greatness - They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and that’s especially true in the dusty corners of this Librarium.[3] Released with the launch of Warhammer+ in August 2021.[5]
  • Episode 3: In the Garden of Ghosts - Past and present brutally intertwine as an Aeldari Spiritseer scours the ruins of a ravaged craftworld.[3]
  • Episode 4: A Question of Faith - A pair of Battle Sisters guard a sacred shrine against hordes of Chaos Cultists. Can faith prevail against brute ferocity? Written by George Mann and premiered on October 13th 2021.[2][3][7]
  • Episode 5: Fangs - Three Space Wolves aspirants push themselves to the limits of endurance. Meanwhile, within the walls of The Fang, an altogether different contest unfolds.[3] Premiered on August 6th 2021.[7]
  • Episode 6: Old Bale Eye - Focuses on the battle between Yarrick and Ghazghkull.[3] Premiered online for free as part of a preview for Warhammer+ in August 2021.[5]
  • Episode 7: Kill Protocol - In the aftermath of an all-consuming war, a lone Tech-priest and the Kastelan Robot she commands set out through Ork-infested wastes on a quest to retrieve a sacred piece of technology from the ruins of a distant city.[6] Premiered on December 15th 2021.[7]
  • Episode 8: Artefacts - After ransacking a Necron tomb world, a group of Black Legion Terminators to track down a xenos artefact by Abaddon the Despoiler. However, their prize lies in the depths of a vast space hulk, and they are not alone in seeking it.[6] Premiered January 19th 2022.[7]
  • Episode 9: Cadia Stands - As Astra Militarum forces fight for survival against endless waves of Tyranids on a war-torn battlefront, a messenger must deliver a crucial communique back to central command. Premiered on January 12th 2022.[7]
  • Episode 10: Plague Song - Premiered March 23rd 2022.[7]
  • Episode 11: Double or Nothing - Premiered May 25 2022. Takes place in Age of Sigmar universe
  • Episode 12: Monsters - Premiered August 10 2022. Takes place in Age of Sigmar universe[8]
  • Episode 13: A New Life - Premiered November 16 2022. Follows a small family of workers who are desperate to escape their planet’s impending destruction in the face of a Tyranid invasion. But with the hordes of the Great Devourer descending and escape all but impossible, there’s only one hope – a daredevil dash across a besieged city in the hope of finding space aboard an Arvus Lighter evacuation craft.[9]
  • Episode 14: Undercity: Premiered May 2023. Age of Sigmar short.[7]
  • Episode 15: Eternal: Premiered July 2023. Lucius the Eternal is one of Slaanesh’s finest warriors, famed across the galaxy for the incredible tally of champions he’s left in bloody pieces. Any who do manage to bring him down soon find themselves transformed into the recently dispatched warlord, and this week he’s turned his supernatural swordsmanship on the Exorcists Chapter of Space Marines.[10]

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