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Battle of Golgotha

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The Battle of Golgotha was fought by the Imperium and Ork forces under Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka shortly before the Third War for Armageddon.[1]


Following the events of the Second War for Armageddon, Warboss Ghazghkull was planning his spectacular return to the Armageddon system. Meanwhile his old nemesis Commissar Yarrick was hot on his heels, determined to end the threat of the Ork Warboss once and for all.[1] The Imperial forces were joined by Black Templar forces led by Helbrecht himself.[2]

Ghazghkull left the world of Piscina IV for the Golgotha System in order to exploit the planets natural resources, unaware that Yarrick had finally located him and was closing in. The Ork warlord intended to seizre the planet, enslave the populous, and convert it into a giant ammunition factory to fuel his next great Waaagh!. Using Tellyporta technology supplied by the Mekboy Orkimedes, Ghazghkull quickly overcame the abhuman Planetary Defense Forces. Within weeks the sheer numbers of Orks and the Gargants of Ghazghkull's armies had pounded the planet into submission. But Yarrick soon arrived and at the climax of the battle led a squadron of Baneblade super-heavy tanks into the fray, intending to hunt down Ghazghkull and leave the Ork armies leaderless. However even these behemoths were not enough to stop the Beast of Armageddon and Yarricks squadron was overrun by Ghazghkull's Evil Sunz allies. Yarrick himself was crushed under an Ork Battlefortress and his unconscious body was brought before Ghazghkull himself.[1]

Surprisingly, after weeks of torture, Ghazghkull decided that his old nemesis was too much fun to waste. He released Yarrick from the stinking dungeons of his Space Hulk. Ghazghkull soon intended to invade Armageddon once more and wanted to make sure Yarrick was there to give him another good fight. Seven years later, Ghazghkull made good on his promise and began the Third War for Armageddon.[1]

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