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Stalk Tank

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A page from Tech-Adept Gwelt's sketchbook, showing a stalk tank variant.[2b]

The Stalk Tank was a light armoured vehicle fielded by the Blood Pact during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Resembling a smaller, nimbler version of the Defiler Daemon Engine utilized by Chaos Space Marines, a typical stalk tank was powered by six spider-like piston limbs, and armed with double pulse-lasers in mini-turrets.[1] It was driven by a single pilot, often hard-wired into the cockpit; other variants were designed to carry battlefield psykers into combat.[2a]

Cheap and quick to manufacture in large numbers, especially after the Blood Pact occupied the forge world Urdesh, stalk tanks fulfilled a "niche" role on the battlefield, providing mobile support to Blood Pact infantry forces, rather than engaging enemy tanks.[2a]

Mechanicus Adept Romulus Gwelt, on observation with the 9th Roane Deepers on Tarnagua, compiled several important observations of the enemy armour[2a]:

Of all the nefarious engines of destruction I have seen the Archenemy field, the so-called stalk tanks are the most divisive. Light and fast, they deploy like an infantryman, or at least like a fire team, yet the type of normal fire [which would kill an infantry man] is soaked up by their segmented armour plating. In my experience, it takes an anti-tank missile at least, normally a shoulder-fired round, to damage one of these mechanisms. They occupy, as it were, a space in the food chain between fighting man and battle tank, a light, supportive, fluid role, and one that we do not have an equivalent response to. If the Ruinous Powers win this Great and Holy War, I would attribute a portion of that victory to the niche predator that is the stalk tank.

In addition to their weaponry, stalk tanks were, like everything in the Blood Pact's armoury, a potent terror weapon, dominating enemy infantry with their size and grotesque appearance.[2a][3]