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Tallarn 3rd Armoured

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The Tallarn 3rd Armoured, known as the "Desert Storm", are an Armoured Tallarn Regiment of the Astra Militarum.[1a][1c]

The Desert Storm has a long tradition of loyal service to the Emperor and have accrued many honours over the years.[1c]

Known Actions


The Tallarn 3rd Armoured are known to field Leman Russ Vanquishers in both the Gryphonne IV- and Stygies VIII-patterns.[1b] The regiment makes use of other Gryphonne IV-pattern vehicles, including Chimeras.[1d]

The regiment's first Tank Company is equipped entirely with Vanquishers. In addition to the tanks, the regiment contains a number of Armoured Fist squadrons, some Reconnaissance elements and a single Artillery Company consisting of twelve Basilisks.[1c]

Known Personnel


  • The regiment's nickname, Desert Storm, is possibly a reference to Operation Desert Storm, a military operation launched by the USA against Iraq as part of the Gulf War.

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