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Stygies VIII

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Map Basic Data Lunar Image
Small cross.pngStygies VIII
Name: Stygies VIII Stygies36.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Pacificus[3a][Conflicting sources]
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: not stated
System: Vulcanis system[1a][2][3b]
Primary: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[1a]
Class: Forge World[1a][2][3b]
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non[1a]

Stygies VIII is a large Forge Moon (eighth in a row[6]) which orbits a massive ringed gas giant in the binary star system of Vulcanis.[1a][2][3b]


It is home to the best munitions artisans and one of the few worlds which produces Leman Russ Vanquishers. It was once home to the Legio Vulcanum I and II, but they turned traitor and now houses the Legio Honorum.[1a] Of all Forge Worlds, Stygies VIII produces the best gun barrels and recoil dampeners, and the finest quality propellant chemicals.[1c]


Stygies VIII Skitarii

Stygies almost fell to rebel forces during the Horus Heresy — it was only saved by the intervention of Eldar forces. This event led to Stygies becoming the home of a secret sect known as the Xenarites,[2][3b] who are dedicated to the study and exploitation of Xenos technology, a policy which most Tech-Priests find offensive. Well aware of the antipathy their colleagues have of their sect, the Xenarites pursue a policy of covert study, but still send out expeditions to find more technology. It is not unusual, however, for the Xenarites' expeditions to come under attack from Xenos populations and even other Imperial forces. These occurrences of interservice conflicts are regrettable to the Xenarites, but have only served to drive them deeper underground.[5a]

Because of this, the Forge World has developed an infamous and suspicious reputation in the Imperium, though the High Lords of Terra have ruled that Stygies VIII is too vital to interfere with.[4] The Ordo Xenos felt differently, however, and in M36 a dozen Deathwatch Kill-Teams launched a devastating invasion of the Forge World. Stygies VIII was forced to employ radical measures to survive the Deathwatch's attempted purge[5b], and in the aftermath its Tech-Priests grew fearful of the growing record of violations against them. In order to rectify this, they launched a series of stealth attacks, using viral programming, machine canticles, and infiltration methods to destroy or alter the Adeptus Administratum documents and even the datastacks of the Inquisition that contain information about Stygies VIII. Self-perpetuating programs ensure the obfuscation is continuous[5c], but nonetheless a secret war has still unfolded on Stygies VIII between the Deathwatch and radical Tech-Priests. Some of these radicals have fled to Vulcanis III where they have breached a Webway portal seeking the Black Library itself and coming into conflict with Harlequins.[4]

The warriors of Stygies VIII reinforce their untrustworthy reputation by deploying stealth screens and auspex-befouling technologies to confound their enemies and obscure their presence and mission. When pressed about the details of such equipment, they vehemently deny all knowledge of it.[5a]

Stygies VIII patterns

Stygies VIII is known to be the originator of one of the most common patterns of Manticore[1b] and pattern of the Leman Russ Vanquisher.[1d]


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