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The Arch Zealot of the Redemption

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Arch Zealot of the Redemption

Based in Hive Primus on the planet of Necromunda, the Arch Zealot of the Redemption is one of the most well-known and feared of all the Redemptor Priests in the Underhive.


A hermit, he wanders alone through the badlands and the settlements of the Hive, preaching to Redemptionists who view him as a mystic and a prophet. He is able to whip them into a furor with just a few words, inciting lynch-mobs, massacres and even campaigns of genocide.[1a]

His views (which include a hatred of just about everybody and his "doctrine of cleansing flame"), have led to him being considered rather extreme by his counterparts within the Cult of Redemption, and to a bounty of 325 credits being placed on his head; some have even called for his banishment from the Crusade. He invariably denounces these opponents as weak-willed traitors to the Redemption, lynching those who don't quickly recant after arguing against him with frenzied mobs he works up into a foaming blood lust with a rabble rousing speech: such is his following among ordinary Redemptionists.[1a][2a]


After whipping up the crowd with apocalyptic speeches he more often than not leads the mob into battle and has even been known to take money for leading Redemptionist crusades and gangs of House Cawdor – the House of the Redemption – in gang warfare. Armed with a massive sword (he is an accomplished swordsman), an extremely well-maintained flamer (he carries a huge canister of fuel on his back to stop it ever running out), stub gun and wearing mesh armour under his robes, he also carries his holy book into battle and a banner with the legend "Purge with fire". Those who fight with him never give up, drawing a great strength from his forceful presence and preaching and only stop fighting when the Arch Zealot tells them to or there are no more to kill.[1a][1b][2b][2c]


Detail of the Arch Zealot's flamer fuel canister

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