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The Death of Uriel Ventris (Short Story)

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The Death of Uriel Ventris
Author Graham McNeill
Publisher Black Library
Series Ultramarines
Released 2018

The Death of Uriel Ventris is a short story by Graham McNeill in the Ultramarines (Novel Series). It was first published in 2018 as part of the 2018/19 Events Anthology[1]

Black Library Description

"Lying close to death, Uriel Ventris experiences visions of a life led in courage and honour. In his delirium, old ghosts from the past visit him and he beholds vistas of world that he yearns for, but which could never be. As Uriel struggles to comprehend the meaning in which he experiences, he wonders: is this the afterlife, a reward for his loyalty and service, or something else?" [1a]