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Udin Macht Udo

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Udin Macht Udo was Lord Commander of the Imperium during mid-M32 during the War of the Beast. As was tradition of his title, Udo was only simply referred to as "Lord Guilliman" in honor of the First Lord Commander, Roboute Guilliman.

Before becoming Lord Commander, Udo was a highly decorated and accomplished Lord High Admiral of the Imperial Navy. Despite being the chairman of the Senatorum Imperialis, commander-in-chief of all Imperial military forces, and the de jure most powerful man in the Imperium, Udo was largely ineffectual and seemingly a puppet of Lord High Admiral of the Imperial Navy Lansung, the de facto chair of the High Lords. During the initial phase of the war against The Beast, Udo did little to lead the Imperium.[1]

Following the appearance of an Ork Attack Moon over Terra, Udo blamed his ally Lansung for the debacle and quickly abandoned him.[2] He later took credit for the victory by the Imperial Fists Successor Chapters against the Ork Moon and scolded the Astartes for their unsanctioned actions.[3] In the end however, Udo's weakness and incompetence would prove to be his undoing when he attempted to pass a motion to ban the Inquisition from the Senatorum. The action triggered the Imperial Fists' sole survivor and Chapter Master Koorland to lead a coup to usurp him as the Lord Guilliman. The act was openly supported by Drakan Vangorich, Wienand, Vernor Zeck, and Veritus while the rest of the High Lords, even his close ally Master of the Administratum Tobris Ekharth, eventually agreed to remove Udo. A furious but defeated Udo was led away by his own Lucifer Blacks bodyguards.[4]