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Infestation on Drashin

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Infestation on Drashin
The Imperial Fists battle Tyranids on Drashin
Conflict Tyrannic Wars
Date 970.M41
Location Drashin
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Tyranids
Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh(KIA)
Captain Darnath Lysander
Captain Vorn Hagen
Captain Jonas
Chaplain Markov
Sgt. Tor Garadon
Norn Queen
Elements of the Imperial Fists 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th Companies
Catachan XXXI
Imperial Navy
Unknown, significant
Millions of Imperial citizens
Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh killed

The Infestation on Drashin was a battle fought by the Imperial Fists and Imperial Guard against the Tyranids on the world of Drashin in 970.M41.[1a]


The crisis on Drashin began weeks earlier when a Space Hulk emerged from the Warp heading towards the planet. The vessel had been under Ork command, and it smashed into an Adeptus Mechanicus fleet. The Hulk then plummeted onto Drashin, revealing it filled with Tyranid swarms. Drashin sent an urgent call for aid, and a force of Imperial Fists led by the Battle Barge Spear of Vengeance as well as Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard elements arrived to help. Mysteriously authorities on Terra itself issued an order forbidding any orbital bombardment or Exterminatus on the planet. Despite the bravery of the Catachan XXXI millions of Imperial citizens perished. Soon enough Imperial Fists Chapter Master himself Vladimir Pugh arrived to lead the effort and suspected a Norn Queen lay within the Space Hulk. However Pugh had vanished in the Space Hulk leading an assault into its interior.[1a]

Later, another Imperial Fists taskforce led by the Battle Barge Storm of Wrath under Lysander arrived and launched itself towards the surface. Lysander gave command of the units Tactical Squads to Tor Garadon and led Centurions and Dreadnoughts instead. Garadon's taskforce deployed via Thunderhawk on Drashin, relieving the 7th Company under Captain Jonas at 'Bleak' Ridge, battling not only standard Tyranid creatures but also large creatures such as Carnifexes and Tyranid Warriors. Garadon and Chaplain Markov led the defense against Tyranids, killing scores of the beasts but yet still they came. When all seemed lose due to the emergence of a Tyranid Hierophant, Lysander's thunderhawk emerges to destroy the creature with a volley of laser and missile fire. Lysander's reinforcements proved decisive, and the Imperial Fists were able to secure Bleak Ridge against the swarm. Lysander then plunged with reinforcements into the Space Hulks interior, determined to find Chapter Master Pugh.[1a]

Battling through swarms of Gargoyles and a Trygon in the Space Hulk's interior, Lysander continued to advance despite losing two Centurions. Soon enough Lysander came upon the remains of the 1st and 5th Company under Pugh in the depths of the Hulk, fighting against a seemingly endless horde of Tyranids. In the hulk's vast center sat the Norn Queen itself. Pugh struck down a Hive Tyrant in his path to the Norn Queen, but a swarm of newly birthed Genestealers and Carnifexes. Despite a valiant effort Pugh and his Centurions were torn apart by the creatures. Lysander and Vorn Hagen led a frenzied attack to recover Pugh's body, beating aside swarms of Tyranids. Lysander ordered the remaining Centurions to fire on a trial of magma in the chamber, causing the ceiling to buckle and spill forth a new wave of lava. The Norn queen was consumed by the scorched earth, and with her death the psychic backlash caused the remaining Tyranid swarms to break.[1a]

In the aftermath of the battle, it became apparent that the Eldar apparently worked to keep the 2nd Company of the Imperial Fists from entering the warzone for unknown reasons. The Imperial Fists vented their rage on the remaining Tyranids while other matters were attended to. Lysander refused to become the new Chapter Master, with Hagan instead taking up the post.[1a]

Further investigation reveals that the Space Hulk had been steered by an imprisoned Navigator towards Terra, but the captive established enough control to have the craft crash on Drashin instead. It became apparently that the whole turn of events had been orchestrated by an outside force, likely the Imperial Fists hated enemy, Warsmith Shon'tu.[1b]