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Amity Hope

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Amity Hope[1]

Amity Hope is a Sister Superior of the Order of the Sacred Rose.[1]


She was among the Order's forces, that Canoness Magda Grace commanded on Lysios, during the Cryptus Campaign. When the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan fell upon the Imperial world, the Adepta Sororitas fought to defend it, but suffered heavy losses. Canoness Grace was among them, which left a power vacuum that had to be filled quickly if any of the surviving Sororitas were to remain alive for long. Sister Superior Hope stepped into that gap with commendable surety, taking up the reins of command and fashioning her Order’s surviving warriors into an efficient and deadly weapon.[1]

Still the world began to fall to the Xenos, until the Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers arrived to save the Cryptus System, due to its closeness to the Baal System. Led by the Blood Angels Commander, Dante, the Space Marines dispersed and fought the Tyranids, with the Flesh Tearers aiding the Order of the Sacred Rose on Lysios. However even these powerful reinforcements were not enough to defeat Hive Fleet Leviathan and Dante was forced to make an alliance with the Necrons of the Mephrit Dynasty, who dwelt within the Cryptus System. This alliance saw the activation of a powerful weapon the Dynasty possessed, that inflicted heavy casualties amongst the Tyranids. However Hive Fleet Leviathan was still not stopped by this and Dante declared the System was lost to the ravenous Xenos. He then ordered for any surviving civilian or military forces to be evacuated, as the Blood Angels' fleet prepared to retreat back to the Chapter's Homeworld of Baal.[2a]

The evacuation of Lysios and the other worlds was successful[2a] and the Imperium's surviving spaceships in the Cryptus System gathered together, as they prepared to leave the System. While these preparations were underway, Dante called for the Blood Angels to have a Red Council meeting, to discuss how to defend Baal against the advancing Hive Fleet Leviathan, as the Imperials' fleet made their way to the Blood Angels' Homeworld. Sister Superior Hope and her fellow high ranking survivor General Maelon Dhrost, were allowed to attend the meeting by Dante, despite not being of the Chapter. Soon the matter of what to do with the Cryptus System's two million surviving citizens came up and Dante remarked that many would soon die, as there were not enough supplies to feed them all. The Commander declared that the survivors would need to be settled in other Systems as a result of this and General Dhrost said that he would take the survivors to Cadia, where the Fortress World would take in as many as possible. It was then decided by Dante that as the General traveled to Cadia, Dhrost would try to settle the survivors on as many Imperial worlds as he came across. It is not known, however, what became of Sister Superior Hope and her surviving Sisters.[2b]