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Argus Van Auken

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Argus Van Auken was a high-ranking Artisan of the Adeptus Mechanicus in mid-M32. During the War of the Beast, Auken, accompanied by the Magos Biologis Eldon Urquidex, traveled to the ruins of Ardamantua to study the effects of The Beast's Waaagh!. After investigating remnants of Ork technology, Auken and discovered the stasis remains of several Imperial Fists accompanied by a comatose Phaeton Laurentis.[1a] After attempting to heal the three Marines and failing in two (resulting in their deaths), the Mechanicus Priests succeeded in reviving Captain Koorland who became the last known survivor of his Chapter.[1b]

Van Auken later reappeared leading a force of Skitarii operating under the orders of Fabricator-General Kubik, where he led the massacre of an Officio Assassinorum infiltration team led by Clementina Yendl. He then apprehended Yendl's ally, Eldon Urquidex, and condemned him to modification as a Servitor.[2]

Auken later led Mechanicum forces in the tense standoff with the Fists Exemplar as they attempted to acquire custody of Urquidex. Auken desperately tried to avoid war, but due to accidental fire violence erupted nonetheless. When Fabricator-General Kubik eventually gave the okay, a panicked Auken ordered his forces to stand down and transferred Urquidex into the custody of the Adeptus Terra.[3] Later during the third Imperial offensive on Ullanor, Van Auken was charged with Kubik with overseeing the redirecting of asteroids into the Ork capital.[4]