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Broec was a Chaplain in the Black Templars Chapter, who served in the Deathwatch as part of the Kill Team led by Quirion Octavius. He had cropped white hair and several golden studs of service implanted into his forehead. His neck was tattooed with Litanies and Prayers in High Gothic script and he had a extreme intolerance of Psykers even more so than others of his Chapter.[1a]

He took part in the Inquisition mission to the planet Herodian IV, while it was being attacked by Tyranids. Their first attempt to reach their objective, an Ordo Xenos weapon research base, resulted in failure; requiring an extraction by the Mantis Warriors fleet fighting the Tyranids above the planet[1a]. The Kill Team successfully reached the base in their second attempt, along with three Mantis Warriors sent to replenish their losses. Inside the base, they fought through the Tyranids until they found the Grendal-machine, the objective the Inquisition had sent them for.[1b]

As the Kill Team tried to remove the Grendal-machine for evacuation, the Tyranids, led by a Hive Tyrant, renewed their attack in a frenzy. Knowing they would all be killed unless something was done, Broec and the Mantis Warrior Librarian Shaidan fought the Hive Tyrant and Tyranids; while the other Kill Team members escaped with the Grendal-machine[1c]. Broec and Shaidan succeeded in killing the Hive Tyrant, though they were killed in the process, as the battle caused the base to collapse on top of them.[1d]