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Damocles Gulf

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The Damocles Gulf

The Damocles Gulf is a region of deadly nebulae[1a] in the Eastern Fringe that forms the effective border between the Imperium of Man's Ultima Segmentum and the core Septs of the Tau Empire.[4][6][7] It was across this void that the failed Damocles Gulf Crusade was fought between the Tau and the Imperium, the first time the two forces met militarily. Following the Imperial retreat the Tau solidified their control and, under the renegade Commander Farsight, captured sufficient new worlds on the human side of the Gulf to create the Farsight Enclaves.[4][10]

Subsequent Tau Spheres of Expansion saw their influence extend across and beyond the Gulf. They divided the region into distinct "parallels" and dispatched Water Caste diplomatic missions to prepare the way, such as the Whispertide Concordance and its overtures to the blighted Yuxa System.[6] These actions goaded the Imperium, sparking a continuous series of engagements in the Gulf, notably the tit-for-tat Battle of Mu'gulath Bay,[10] Fall of Prefectia,[1b] and Second Agrellan Campaign.[2] At the conclusion of the latter battle the Adeptus Mechanicus unleashed an exotic weapon of such magnitude that Mu'gulath Bay was not only totally lost to both empires, but the destruction unleashed set across the entire Damocles Gulf, lighting it ablaze and effectively separating that side of the Imperium from the Tau.[2] This also prevented any hope of reinforcement for the nascent Farsight Enclaves as they fought desperately in the War of Dakka.[3] Such was the level of bloodshed and fire in the Gulf at this time that some speculate it helped create the Great Rift soon after.[8]