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Dreamstones are talismans grown by the Eldar in the heart of Craftworld Ulthwé[1a] from the same material as Waystones.[1b] They are used by the Eldar to guard their minds from Slaanesh when they sleep, but as they absorb emanations from the Warp, they are one of the few things known to protect human minds from Chaos. As a result, pure Dreamstones are extremely valuable in the Imperium, and are used by Navigators to prevent the dreadful nightmares that can occur after too much exposure to the Warp, as well as by human Sorcerers, Alchemists, and Inquisitors,[1c] and are coveted by collectors.[1d]


Dreamstones are small[1c] glittering jewels,[1d] that contain a strange power.[1e] They are used by the Eldar to shield against the influence of Chaos. They guard the Eldar's minds during sleep, when they are most vulnerable to the subconscious lure of Slaanesh, providing protection from mind-altering effects.[1a]

When held by humans, they feel a strange tingling, like ghostly fingers that flicker up and down their spine, and they can hear echoes of strange distant music.[1d] Chaos Sorcerers cannot use their power, and attempting to do so would harm them.[1e]


Granting possession of a Dreamstone is the prerogative of Ulthwé's Farseers and Warlocks, and they are normally only given to those who show great interest.[1a] This forges a link between the granter and the individual given the Dreamstone that soon becomes all but unbreakable.[1e] It marks these individuals in a way that lets other Eldar know that they are special to Ulthwé, and they will protect these marked individuals.[1a]

Farseer Auric Stormcloud granted possession of a Dreamstone to Rogue Trader Janus Darke.[1a]

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