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Emeline Smythe

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Emeline Smythe is a Cadian Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, who was once a Guardsmen until she was selected to join an Inquisitor's retinue and later reached her current position in the Ordo.[1a]


Following the creation of the Great Rift, she has become one of the many Imperial forces that were now defending the Gilead System from any threats[1a]. One such threat occurred within Charybdion's Ironwatch prison, which was used to hold the world's psykers, until they were collected by the League of Black Ships. Unfortunately, the Great Rift had caused the Gilead System to be surrounded by Warp Storms, which prevented the Black Ships from entering the System. This had led to a build up of psykers, whose powers eventually overwhelmed Ironwatch's safeguards and began affecting the population of the Hive Aidon, which the prison was outwardly attached to. Because of the influence of the psykers, riots had begun breaking out within the Hive and, after being unable to contact anyone inside the prison, Smythe had led her retinue into Ironwatch, in order to switch on several failsafes that would detach the prison from the Hive and send it plunging into Charybdion's ocean. However the situation within Ironwatch was worse than she had anticipated, as the psykers' powers had freed many of them from their cells and also caused a Warp breach, that had allowed Daemons of Slaanesh to run rampant within the prison. As a result of this, the majority of Ironwatch's staff and guards had either been killed by the Daemons or psykers and so Smythe and her retinue now had to fight their way through them to reach each of the failsafes. As they began their task, Smythe became aware that a group of Eldar were also in the prison and luckily, due to her keen mind and sharp intellect, the Inquisitor knew how to speak the Xenos' language. Though both were wary of each other, time was of the essence and Smythe was more than willing to work with the Eldar, in order to end the threat that the prison posed to the Hive. After a brief parlay both sides came to an agreement: the Eldar would to destroy one of Ironwatch's failsafes, so that Smythe could reach the next one in her path, and the Inquisitor would give the Eldar intel, on where to find the imprisoned psyker Konrad Boyer, who the Xenos had been sent to kill. The groups then parted ways[1b], though, the Eldar kept their end of the deal and destroyed the failsafe, which allowed the Inquisitor to continue her mission[1c]. This more than likely furthered Smythe's radical belief, that in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation, the Imperium and Eldar should form a permanent alliance, in order to combat the overwhelming threats that now plagued both of their species.[1a]

Current Retinue


The Dark Tides' RPG adventures Twisted Strands and Ironwatch tell the same general story, with players dealing with the corrupted prison, from two different perspectives. In Twisted Strands, the players are Eldar that encounter Inquisitor Smythe, while in Ironwatch the players are Imperials sent to destroy the prison. As Ironwatch ends with the Imperials successfully sending the prison into the ocean, it is likely, but unconfirmed, that Smythe succeeded in doing the same, in Twisted Strands.

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