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Heavenfall Blades

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Azrael wielding the Sword of Secrets.

The Heavenfall Blades are master-crafted power swords wielded by the highest-ranked members of the Dark Angels Chapter. The weapons were crafted using a single block of jet-black obsidian; according to Chapter lore, the block had formed the core of a meteorite that struck the Rock, the Dark Angels' mobile Fortress-monastery, in orbit around the feral worlds of Al Baradad.[1a]

The mightiest of these blades is the Sword of Secrets, traditionally wielded by the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, while other portions of the meteoric obsidian were also used to craft blades for other Masters of the Chapter. It is said that some of the obsidian was sent to the other Unforgiven Chapters so that their highest leaders may wield weapons crafted from this substance.[1a]

Known Heavenfall Blades

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