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Severian (The Wolf)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Luna Wolves Space Marine. For other uses of Severian, see Severian (disambiguation).

Severian was a Luna Wolf and latent psyker during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. He would later be recruited by Malcador the Sigillite into the Knights-Errant. [1] [2]


The Great Crusade

Severian served as one of the Crusader Host stationed on Terra at the onset of the Great Crusade. Severian served on Terra for one hundred and seventy years and was absent for the majority of the Great Crusade.[1] [2]

The Outcast Dead

Because of his genetic affiliations with a Traitor Legion, Severian was imprisoned in the Khangba Marwu along with the other Crusader Host members from the Traitor Legions. During his imprisonment, Magnus the Red sent his psychic warning to the Emperor about Horus's imminent rebellion. Severian and his fellows were freed by Atharva of the Thousand Sons. Severian and Atharva were able to lead the Outcast Dead effortlessly out of Khangba Marwa, an action thought impossible. Atharva's plan was to capture the Astropath Kai Zulane and present him to the Emperor, to validate Magnus' warning of Horus' impending betrayal, before anybody else were to retrieve that knowledge from Kai Zulane's mind, as it was for the Emperor's eyes only. The other Space Marines thought, Atharva only needed him because of his abilities for their flight home. The Outcast Dead would eventually be tracked down to the Temple of Woe in the Petitioner's City. There they made their last stand against the Imperial forces pursuing them. The majority of the Outcast Dead died fighting. Atharva was executed as a traitor by Rogal Dorn, but Severian used his role as a scout to make his escape.[1]

Kai Zulane confirmed Magnus' warning with a detailed vision of the upcoming Horus Heresy when he had telepathic contact with the Emperor, shortly before dying.[1]

The Wolf Hunt

Two days later Rogal Dorn would task the expert hunter, Nagasena, a descendant of the last Samurai of Terra, with the death of Severian. Nagasena easily tracked the warrior through the streets of the Petitioner's City, even going so far as to communicate with him via the vox-network in the scavanged helmet that Severian wore. Nagasena noted that Severian identified himself as a Luna Wolf, not a Son of Horus, and was infuriated at the accusations leveled against his Primarch. Curious as to where Severian's loyalties truly lay, Nagasena let Severian live despite having him in the sights of his Long-Las rifle. Severian stole into the private estate of Vadok Singh, the Emperor's personal architect. He intended to take the warmason hostage and use an orbit capable shuttle to return to his Legion with either a warning of the lies being spread of Terra, or to call Horus to account for his treachery. Nagasena met Severian in single combat and was easily beaten by the Luna Wolf, who knocked Singh out and carried him to the landing pads. Nagasena used his volkite pistol to disable the shuttle, causing it to crash. Nagasena offered Severian one last chance to be taken alive, and he refused. Though his pistol was master-crafted, the shot meant to kill Severian shorted out and before Nagasena could fix the gun, Malcador's agents arrived. The Sigillite revealed that he was blocking the built-up energies of the pistol with his mind and bade Nagasena to deactivate the weapon. Malcador had Severian taken into custody, stating that the unique precognitive gifts of the loyal Luna Wolf would be put to use in the newly formed Grey Knights. Finally, Malcador told Nagasena that he too would have a new place, as a tracker and hunter in the newly formed Inquisition[2]


Later, Severian was part of a team of Knights-Errant led by Garviel Loken to attempt to infiltrate and mark the Vengeful Spirit. After a fierce fight their mission failed, but Severian was able to escape with Loken.[3]


Severian later appeared among the nine chosen by Malcador to become the founding members of the Grey Knights. He was reunited with Garviel Loken one last time before assuming the mantle Iapto, who would become one of the original Grey Knights Grand Masters.[4]


At an unknown time later, Severian was slain. Abaddon the Despoiler personally witnessing his death.[5]


Iapto is an alternate spelling for, Iapetus one of the original Greek Titans and the son of Gaia and Uranus.