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Kyganil with Ephrael Stern[2]

Kyganil of the Bloody Tears was a mysterious Eldar. He was a harlequin, but apparently abandoned his troupe at some point for reasons unknown. He says that he is a "pariah”. He is known as the Shadow Knight.


He seems to have some connection to Ephrael Stern, but what exact role that is is not clear. Kyganil uses an Eldar variation of a laspistol, and wields two power swords. He rescued the Seraphim from Dark Eldar Mandrakes of the Kabal of the Poison Heart, demonstrating blinding speed and proficiency with his weapons. Kyganil would then spirit Stern away into the Webway through the use of a portal, but later they were both captured by the forces of Chaos lead by Ahriman.[1]