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"It has been a long and bloody road that I have walked since last we spoke, one that brought me by dark ways through the gates of this world."[3]

Kyganil with Ephrael Stern[2]

Kyganil of the Bloody Tears is a mysterious Eldar who acts as a companion to Ephrael Stern. He is known as the Shadow Knight, and says that he is a "Pariah."[1]


Kyganil was once a Harlequin, but apparently abandoned his troupe at some point for reasons unknown.

Kyganil rescued Ephrael Stern from Dark Eldar Mandrakes of the Kabal of the Poisoned Heart, demonstrating blinding speed and proficiency with his weapons. He would then spirit Stern away into the Webway through the use of a portal, but later they were both captured by the forces of Chaos lead by Ahriman.[1] The pair later entered the Black Library.[3]

Kyganil has brought Stern into contact with the Ynnari. During the Pariah Crusade, he made a sudden appearance to aid Battle Group Kallides and Stern in a fight against the forces of the Nihilakh Dynasty. He had attempted to bring the Ynnari's forces with him, but they refused to provide aid.[3]


Kyganil wields a pair of deadly swords known as the Outcast's Blades, as well as a Harlequin's Kiss. He also carries plasma grenades.