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Symbol of the Ynnari[7]
A Guardian of the Ynnari. Many of the Ynnari don crimson armour[2a]

The Ynnari (or The Reborn[13]) are the members of a newly formed eponymous Eldar group that worship the God Ynnead and believe their race can be saved from the depredation of Slaanesh by helping to bring about the birth of the slumbering god of the dead.[1]


Led by Ynnead's Emissary Yvraine, the group is composed of Eldar from the Craftworlds, Corsair groups, Commorragh and even from among the Harlequins. With their combined might they have become a rising force in the galaxy, who not only seek to bring about Ynnead's birth, but also return the Eldar to the glory their race had before their Empire fell. However, the arrogant coercion they employ to save their race has alienated as many Eldar as it has united under Yvraine's command. Worse still, many see the Ynnari as corrupted by the very daemonic forces they seek to thwart, while others believe they are already dead inside. And because of their growing strength, they have drawn the attention of the Chaos Gods, who have now unleashed their forces to hunt down the group wherever they go. Slaanesh in particular seeks to destroy the Ynnari, in order to end the threat they pose to him.[1a]

The Ynnari seek to resurrect Ynnead and defeat Slaanesh. However, they aim to achieve this in a ritual that would not require the sacrifice of the Eldar Race in the Rhana Dandra, a method known as the Seventh Path. Since the fifth Crone Sword has been moved into the Palace of Slaanesh, the Seventh Path seems hopeless.[5c]

Elements of the Imperium seem hostile to the Ynnari. The Grey Knights have led purges of their cults after their Prognosticars detected the fateful patterning of convergent daemonic invocations in them.[8]


The Ynnari were founded by Yvraine and the Visarch shortly before the Thirteenth Black Crusade and the failure of Eldrad Ulthran to resurrect Ynnead following the Battle of Port Demesnus.[3] Gathering followers from across the Eldar race, their first mission consisted of gathering the ancient Crone Swords and contain the forces of Chaos spilling across multiple Craftworlds. The Ynnari later allied themselves with the Imperial survivors of the Thirteenth Black Crusade and aided them during the Ultramar Campaign. After the resurrection of Roboute Guilliman the remaining Ynnari went back into the Webway.[2]

Since the Psychic Awakening has begun, the Ynnari efforts against Chaos have intensified. Yvraine has been able to gather a great many allies to herself but now also finds her beset by enemies, most notably Asdrubael Vect[5a] and Shalaxi Helbane[5b]. Helbane has managed to move the last of the fabled Crone Swords into the Palace of Slaanesh. These relics are said to be necessary to defeat Slaanesh without the need to sacrifice the whole of the Eldar race in the Rhana Dandra. Rather than despair at her apparent hopeless situation, Yvraine continues to find another path to defeat Slaanesh.[5c]

Ynnari Dark Reaper[12]

Known Battles


Members of the Ynnari carry the Spirit Stones of deceased Eldar, whose souls they use to bolster their psychic powers and they are also able to siphon the energy of the recently dead to invigorate themselves. Those Ynnari who truly give themselves to the worship of Ynnead, are able to communicate with the souls of the spirit stones they possess and can also draw upon the deceased Eldars' skills, wisdom and experiences to aid them in battle.[1a]

Sometimes the Ynnari are surrounded by the souls of the dead, whose hissing whispers unnerve and distract nearby foes.[5d]


There are two known sub-factions within the Ynnari: The Aeldari Bladehost, who fight under Yvraine and the Soulbound Vanguard, who fight under the Visarch.[1b]

The Battleship Ynnead's Dream serves as the flagship of the Ynnari fleet.[6]

Known Members