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Malek Vos

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Malek Vos is a Death Guard Chaos Lord.[1]

During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, Vos was the commander of the Death Guard warship Balefire. He was among those corrupted by the Destroyer Plague inside the Warp after First Captain Calas Typhon slew the fleet's Navigators and led the Death Guard into a trap.[2]

After the Heresy, Vos joined his Warband with the Daemons under the command of the Nurgle Daemon Prince The Fly Lord, in order to invade the Imperium world of Arthas. Despite the intervention of the Black Templars Marshal Armante and the Lastrati Crusade, Vos and The Fly Lord defeated the Imperium's forces defending Arthas and claimed it in Nurgle's name.[1]

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