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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Naxos px
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Gothic Sector[2]
Subsector: Quinrox Sound[2]
System: Naxos system[3]
Population: 400,000 among miners and associated staff
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Mining World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Naxos is the seventh planet orbiting the star known as 88 Beta Naxos.[1]


The system occupies a coreward position in the constellation of the Reef Stars. Naxos was identified by Rogue Trader Benefico Lazale in M37 and was recommended to Imperial authorities due to its wealth in rare ores.[1]

Mineralogical prospects started in 561.M38 and by 589.M38 Naxos was appointed a full mining station. The particularly prized Xygnite (from which the Adamantium analogue Temperine can be alloyed) and Phlogestene (vital for the manufacture of heat sinks and ignition rings for plasma weapons) among other rare inner transition metals, formed the bulk of Naxos deposits.[1]

However, productivity dropped along the centuries and production was officially considered stopped by the year 785.M41. Moreover, this remote system repeatedly fell prey to Dark Eldar incursions. Thirty-nine raids were recorded to be suffered by the planet, the most notable in 476.M40 (when eight thousand Imperial citizens lost their lives), 520.M41 (when two mining complexes were lost to the raiders) and 811.M41.[1]

This last date is particularly noteworthy because a mighty blow was struck against the Dark Eldar forces by a small intervention group lead by Captain Trokus of the Iron Snakes Chapter. Trokus essentially used Naxos as a bait to lure Dark Eldar raiders to a seemingly undefended outpost. Sacrificing a few thousand of the colonists, a heavy Dark Eldar incursion force, numbering in the thousands, was utterly annihilated. This laudable action cost Naxos itself dearly: two major mining complexes were lost, one of which deliberately sacrificed, and the death toll was high indeed.[1]

However, through Naxos's sacrifice, the entire Reef Stars were cleared of Dark Eldar raider parties for several decades and thus, the small mining outpost served the wellbeing of the whole Imperium greatly.[1]

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