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A Phaenonites Inquisitor

Phaenonites are a minor Radical faction of the Inquisition. Originating from a Xanthite splinter faction particularly interested in the merging of the Warp and technology, they have turned their back on the Emperor and believe in the rebirth of the Imperium under their own leadership, and as such are one of the only Inquisitorial Factions to be declared wholesale Excommunicate Traitoris.[1]


The Phaenonites are known to have first formed a powerbase in what would become the Calixis Sector. In the Phaenonite Schism of 367.M39 during the Angevin Crusade, the Lord Commander of Phaenon Prime declared independence from the Imperium after he felt embittered and abandoned due to waves of pirate and xenos assaults. Eventually, the insurgents abandoned the Emperor entirely and adopted the icons of the Ruinous Powers. In response, the Imperium dispatched the Charnel Guards Space Marines under the Xanthite Inquisitor Kobras Aquairre to Phaenon Prime. In the ensuing massacre, the Marines employed Virus Bombs to kill 14 billion souls. In the aftermath, the ruins of Phaenon Prime were made into an Inquisitorial Fortress world.[1]

However only several decades later, new rumors of heresy on Phaenon Prime emerged. "Phaenonite" Inquisitors began to appear, traveling to nearby Sectors to gather converts. This resulted in the Inquisitor Phibes traveling to Phaenon Prime to investigate the group, but he soon went missing and was presumed dead. However several years later he reappeared on Scintilla as a corrupted monstrosity of burnt flesh. He revealed that the Inquisitors of Phaenon Prime had established a new faction that rejected the divinity of the Emperor and pursued forbidden technology from the Dark Ages. The faction had been behind many pirate attacks on Mechanicus outposts and had even infiltrated several Chaos Cults to bend them to their will. Worse still, they were testing Dark Age weaponry on Imperial colonists on the edges of the Halo Stars.[1]

In response, the faction was declared Excommunicate Traitoris. This sparked an immediate schism and bloody war in 427.M39. The Fabricator-General himself dictated that a moon be torn from its orbit and plunged into Phaenon Prime, smashing the world to fragments.[1]

Though thought destroyed for two millennia, there are dark rumors that the Phaenonites have returned in the closing days of the 41st Millennium. They view the Dark Mechanicus with jealous eyes, and seek to master Warp technology at any cost.[1]

One of the most sinister creations of the Phaenonites are their assassins, the Maletek Stalkers.[1]