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Straken: A Hero's Death (Short Story)

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Straken: A Hero's Death
Cover art.
Author Toby Frost
Publisher Black Library
Series Imperial Guard
Released August 2014
Collected in Legends of the Dark Millennium: Astra Militarum
Editions 2014 ebook
ISBN 9781782516101

Straken: A Hero's Death is a short story by Toby Frost, published online in August 2014.

Cover Description

Deployed to the jungles of Armageddon to battle the greenskins, Catachan Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken and his men are diverted from their hunt to delve into a half-abandoned hive city and rescue a high-ranking officer - but when they arrive, they find that the situation is more complicated than they imagined, and face an overwhelming force of enemies...

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