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Technomandrites of Magistrakh

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The Technomandrites of Magistrakh were a shadowy conclave of Necrontyr that still exists amongst the Necron race.[1]


They trace their origin to the time when their species were flesh and blood in the era of the First Wars of Secession. In this time, this group was neutral in the conflicts amongst their race but sold their knowledge of weapons to the highest bidder. Thus, they profited in the bloodshed fought amongst their own kind whilst their power base grew. In time, they were seen as a threat to the Triarch who at the time were seeking an external foe to unite the dynasties.[1]

The dynasties struck against the Technomandrites under the pretext that no single faction should dictate the flow of arms. In truth, the Triarch believed this conclave would be a challenge to themselves and thus used the guise of the war against the Old Ones to eliminate them. As a result, the Technomandrites of Magistrakh's power was forever shattered with its Crypteks being an echo of its past though its surviving members seek both vengeance and renewed glory.[1]

During the Storm of Metal after the 13th Black Crusade, the Technomandrites have since returned in their war against the Adeptus Mechanicus[2]. In the Age of the Dark Imperium, the Technomandrites seem intent on stopping Szarekh from completing the Pariah Nexus[3a]. Others are seeking to rebuild their Blackstone Pylon networks across the Galaxy, in order to hold back the tides of Chaos.[5]

Several ambitious Mephrit Dynasty nobles are now seeking the Technomandrites' aid in reclaiming their Dynasty's ability to murder stars. The first to do so, will surely become the next ruler of Mephrit's forces.[4]

Known Members