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Auto weapon

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Ranged Close Combat

Auto weapons are used throughout the Imperium and are similar in operation to twentieth century automatic guns. They use solid ammunition rather than the easily rechargeable power packs of las weapons, meaning auto weapons are more likely to run out of ammunition in a protracted battle. The strong point of auto weapons is that they use relatively basic technology and are capable of being produced even on low-tech worlds.

As they are identical in game terms to las weapons, auto weapons have been removed from army lists, with the exception of the autocannon and battle cannon.

Autopistols and autoguns are similar in power to their laser counterparts (laspistol and lasgun) but the autocannon is very different to the lascannon. Instead of very high power it has a higher rate of fire, which has allowed it to survive the recent streamlining of weapons types available to the Imperial commander.

Types of Auto Weapon


Main article: Autogun
Autoguns are basic weapons similar in power to Lasguns and are slowly being superseded by them.


Main article: Autopistol
Autopistols are smaller versions of the Autogun and are slowly being superseded by Laspistols.


Main article: Autocannon
Autocannons are fast firing and long ranged heavy versions of the auto weapons, and are still in use by Imperial armies.

Battle cannon

Main article: Battle cannon

Macro cannon

Main article: Macro cannon
Macro cannons are the heaviest forms of auto-weapon. Being extremely powerful, heavy and relatively slow firing, they are suitable mainly in a support or defense role.

Assault cannon

Main article: Assault cannon
Assault cannon is a six barreled cannon commonly carried on Land Raiders or with Space Marine Terminator armours.


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