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Denil Greer

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Denil Greer[Note 1] was a Driver-Sergeant[1b] of the Eighth Pardus Armoured, commanding a Hydra Battery crew in the regiment's Mobile Flak Company.[1a]


While deployed on Hagia in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, during the operation to retake the Holy Doctrinopolis from the Infardi, Greer was reprimanded by Captain Ban Daur of the Tanith First and Only. Greer had been taking pot-shots with his pistol at hanging flags to amuse himself and his men while stuck at a roadblock without informing the senior officers present, resulting in a number of civilian refugees in the area panicking.[1a]

Later, Daur was one of a group of Guardsmen who experienced visions of Saint Sabbat that beckoned them to the Saint's resting place. Despite Lord General Lugo having ordered the evacuation of Hagia due to incoming Chaos reinforcements, the Guardsmen decided to ignore their orders in favour of pursuing the visions.[1b] Daur was able to requisition a Chimera and detailed Greer to drive the group by convincing the Driver-Sergeant that a cache of gold ingots had been hidden in the Sacred Hills to keep it safe from the Infardi.[1b][1c]

Eventually the group successfully made their way to the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat, meeting up with an Imperial honour guard sent to retrieve the Saint's remains for transport offworld. However, the honour guard were instead forced to defend the Shrinehold from an army of the Infardi that had cut off their exit. Greer, on the other hand, only cared about the gold by this point. That night, he made his way to the Shrinehold's sepulchre, where a number of the Saint's possessions were kept and found Troopers Bragg and Vamberfeld. Greer confronted them, accusing them of wanting to keep him from the gold and shooting both with an autopistol. The shooting attracted the attention of the Guard officers at the Shrinehold and a shootout ensued. Daur was able to convince Greer to back down after pretending to side with him over the gold, before shooting Greer in the head with his laspistol, killing him.[1d]



  • Note 1: At one point in Honour Guard, Greer's full name is instead given as Denic Greer.[1b] This is presumably an error.