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Lazar Blockade

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The Lazar Blockade was a battle between the Necrons and Space Marines in late M41[1]


The Necron Cryptek, Orikan the Diviner, predicts that the Imperial Naval Shipyards of Helios IV will be destroyed by Waaagh! Skullkrak, however this is not the case as, due to the vagaries of the warp, the 4th Company of the Silver Skulls intervenes and defeats the Orks. To remedy this, Orikan travels back in time and intercepts the 4th Company some weeks earlier with a Necron force, decimating them. This ensures the destruction of the Helios IV Shipyards via the Orks but causes other problems. In 857.M41, 5 Space Marine Chapters including the Death Spectres, Howling Griffons and the Silver Skulls blockade the Lazar system to purge the Necrons from its planets in vengeance for the damage suffered by the Silver Skulls 4th Company. The Space Marines overwhelm and obliterate the main Tomb World, however secondary bases throughout the system suddenly come to life. Rather than withdraw, the Silver Skulls dig in for a grueling campaign. In 859.M41 Anrakyr the Traveller arrives and immediately joins his forces with the Necron defence. The tide of battle is turned at the Battle of Dreadpeak when Anrakyr's Pyrrhian Eternals spearhead an assault on the Silver Skulls' downed battle barge the Argent Hammer. Anrakyr seizes control of its still-functioning weapons and turns their full fury on its previous owners. The Silver Skulls suffer greatly - their Chapter Master is slain and their forces are scattered into disarray. They are forced to withdraw their blockade of the system, taking great care to make sure word of their defeat would does not spread.[1]