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Legends of the Dark Millennium: Space Wolves

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Legends of the Dark Millennium: Space Wolves
Cover art
Author various
Publisher Black Library
Series Legends of the Dark Millennium
Released August 2016
Pages 256
Collected in Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus

Legends of the Dark Millennium: Space Wolves is a novel/anthology published by Black Library (BL Publishing). It was republished under the title, The Hunt for Logan Grimnar, in the larger collection Sagas of the Space Wolves.

Cover Description

A Great Hunt is over and the Space Wolves gather in the Fang to celebrate their victories and tell tall tales of their exploits. But one company has failed to return: that of the Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar. News of his death sends the Chapter on the hunt for the truth, with Ulrik the Slayer at their head. As they fight their way across the galaxy in search of their lord, the Space Wolves find a threat to the future of the Chapter itself.


This novel has been previously available in eight separate installments, and as the Space Wolves Quick Reads subscription.

Feast of Lies

by Ben Counter

A unique look at the Space Wolves as they feast and tell tales of battle... but just who is the mysterious stranger who wants to speak? And how will his story change the Chapter?

The Caged Wolf

by Ben Counter

The Space Wolves fight the alien Tau as they search for their Chapter Master – and Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer battles the savage beast within.

Eye of the Dragon

by Steve Lyons

The Space Wolves run into a new enemy – a raiding force of dark eldar! With Krom Dragongaze captured, Ulrik is forced to set aside his mission and enter the webway to rescue him...

Dark City

by Steve Lyons

The saga continues! Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze fights for his life in the arenas of Commorragh, and makes an unlikely ally as he plans his escape.

The Darkness of Angels

by Rob Sanders

Escaping from the dark city of Commorragh, the Space Wolves are pursued by xenos pirates intent on recapturing them. As they fight off the aliens, a secret about Krom Dragongaze's new ally comes to light that might put the sons of Fenris in even more danger...

The Wolf Within

by Rob Sanders

The search for Logan Grimnar leads the Space Wolves into an uneasy alliance... with their old rivals, the Dark Angels. Chaos is rising and it's going to take both Chapters to stop it. But something else is lurking in the darkness, with a link to the past. But is it the past of the Lion's sons, or Russ's?

Scent of a Traitor

by C.L. Werner

The Space Wolves' quest to find Logan Grimnar brings them to a dreadful truth that threatens to doom the Chapter forever.

Wrath of the Wolf

by C.L. Werner

The concluding chapter in Ulrik the Slayer’s mission to liberate Logan Grimnar from his Chaos captors brings the sons of Fenris into the Eye of Terror itself...