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Mari Magot

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Mari Magot was a Guardswoman of the Valhallan 597th Ice Warriors regiment under Colonel Regina Kasteen, in late M41.


This page contains spoilers for: Ciaphas Cain (Novel Series)

Trooper Magot was part of the squad that accompanied Commissar Ciaphas Cain on a reluctant sweep of the tunnels beneath Simia Orichalcae, searching for the mysterious predators that had killed several miners working for the planet's promethium refinery[1a]. When the squad stumbled on a Necron tomb, it took heavy losses, until the only survivors were Cain, his aide Ferik Jurgen, Sergeant Grifen, and Magot. Magot came close to breaking down in hysterics, but Cain and Grifen were able to calm her long enough for the team to reach safety[1b].

Cain, who had faced Necrons before, was sympathetic to her momentary show of panic; indeed, he considered her a soldier of rare nerve to emerge from the ordeal with her psyche more or less intact[2a].

Later, Commissar Tomas Beije expressed disapproval of women serving with front-line Guard regiments, let alone holding rank. Cain reflected that, in his opinion, the Imperium needed more soldiers of Magot's calibre[2a].

During the fighting on Periremunda against Tyranids, Magot was still part of Grifen's squad, which was attached to the Second Company under Lt. Sulla. Her squad helped repulse a Tyranid swarm on the plateau of Acerabalterra, and helped Cain to safety after he had been dazed by a nearby missile impact[3a].

Later, when Grifen's squad came to Cain's aid inside a transit terminal packed with refugees, Magot saved his life by running over a Lictor with the squad's Chimera[3b].

At the time of the 597th's deployment to Adumbria, Magot had been promoted to Corporal and Assistant Squad Leader[2a]. She was also a member of the regiment's intramural unarmed combat team, a fact which drew scorn from the Tallarn regiment accompanying them on the mission. Magot's response was to challenge the Tallarns' reigning champion, Guardsman Hunvik, to a friendly match in the troopship's gym: Hunvik, who was at least a head taller than Magot, was down on the mat in a fraction of a second, and in the ship's infirmary by the end of the day[2a][2b].

By coincidence, Magot's company was aboard the dropship Cain was forced to commandeer to confront a group of Slaaneshi cultists on an oceanic dredger[2c]. She acquitted herself well in the engagement, and survived to escort the surviving cultists as prisoners back to the mainland[2d].

Personality and Appearance

Cain described Mari Magot as redheaded, petite[1a], and "cheerfully sociopathic,"[2b] (the last of which may have accounted for her proficiency in unarmed combat); Cain was unaware of her reasons for enlisting in the Guard, but suspected that it had something to do with the Magistratum back on Valhalla[4a]. She seemed to have been romantically interested in women rather than men[1a][2a], and may have had a personal relationship with her superior, Sgt. Grifen, since they originally served in the same squad, and Magot requested a transfer to Grifen's squad when Grifen was promoted to sergeant[1a]. After the landing on the dredger on Adumbria, Commissar Tomas Beije showed up in an attempt to arrest Cain, and threatened to shoot Sgt. Grifen when she protested. Magot stepped into the path of the shot[2c]. Cain did not inquire closely into Magot's personal life, possibly because he considered it irrelevant to her performance as a soldier (and possibly because he did not want to antagonize such an obviously dangerous woman)[2a].