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Psyber Familiar

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Inquisition's augmented animals; for the other uses, see Familiar (disambiguation).

Psyber Familiars (sometimes also called just Familiars)[4] are psychic-symbiotes used by psykers to augment their powers.


Familiars take many forms. Those used by Imperial psykers are commonly cybernetically-augmented or mechanical animals or creatures. They are mentally linked with their master, which allows its master to command it, see and hear through its senses and use its powers. The master is aware of everything the familiar is aware of, and vice-versa. If the familiar is injured, psychic feedback will hurt the master as well.[1]

They are also employed by Librarians, and most Space Marine Chapters do not mind their use. In some cases they can create troubles, especially if their masters are incapacitated or absent.[2]

In the Inquisition

Familiars are also a type of servant in an Inquisitorial Retinue. An Inquisitor is occasionally accompanied by familiars attuned to his telepathic signature. These strange constructs not only boost his alertness to danger but also act as psychic conduits. An Inquisitor accompanied by a Familiar finds his psychic abilities amplified.[3]

The most common kind of familiar are Servo-skulls, but also can be Cherubim or Psyber-Eagles.[3]