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The Skullsworn are a Khorne Warband.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Skullsworn Marine.jpg
- Skullsworn -
Origin: In M33 by Barkor
Leader: Numerous
Chaos dedication: Khorne
Colours: Red armour edged with brass[1e]
Strength: In the thousands
Skullsworn Badge.jpg


Compared to many Khorne Warbands, the Skullsworn possess vast numbers. This is because the Daemonic Legion these blood-soaked lunatics worship is that of Skulltaker himself and his Daemonic followers in the Cohort of Blood. The Scriptures of Slaughter tell how the Cohort of Blood is a vast assemblage of Daemons many times the size of any of its counterparts. Accordingly, the Skullsworn modeled themselves after the Cohort and number in their thousands, boasting every stripe of Khorne-sworn warrior amongst their ranks. Such a sprawling host of murderers dedicated to Khorne could not operate as one, without soon turning upon each other, so the Skullsworn are scattered across the galaxy in numerous Warbands. Each Warband is led by a mighty Lord who competes with his rivals to wreak the greatest slaughter, as they each carve their own bloody path across the galaxy.[1a]

Amongst the ranks of the Skullsworn there marches a band of Chaos Terminators whose deeds have become infamous. Calling themselves the Bloodtusk Brotherhood, these brutish murderers have earned great favour with Khorne.[1]


The Skullsworn have been formed and destroyed seven times over the millennia and each incarnation of the group has carved a bloody swathe across the stars in Khorne's name. Each time, the Warband has met its end when its mortal ranks were killed in battle and gradually replaced by packs of frenzied Daemons until not a single mortal remained and the Daemons fought on until returning to the Warp; though not before the Warband had branded themselves into the minds of the galaxy's races. Now, as the doom of all draws near, the Skullsworn have begun their eighth incarnation, seeking to summon not a cohort of Daemons, but an entire Daemon Legion by spilling blood in Khorne's name.[1a]

It is written in the Scriptures of Slaughter that only the Blood God's Roar will see the numerous Skullsworn Warbands reunited as one, and that their coming shall usher in a new age of endless carnage to the galaxy. If true, then the prophesied day must surely be close at hand; indeed, an entire conclave of Ordo Malleus Inquisitors have dedicated themselves to preventing this terrible event before it can come to pass.[1a]

Notable Battles

  • In 424.M41 the Skullsworn have brought the fifth cohort of a daemons since the Heresy. In doing so they rampage through the battle sisters of the Order of the Bloody Rose on the Imperial shrine world of Idyll.[1d]
  • Massacre of Icos IV — The Skullsworn's Bloodtusk Brotherhood rises to prominence after surviving a Raven Guard ambush. The Chaos Champion Agorath slays a Raven Guard Captain.[1]
  • The Revenge of the Silver Prince — After a long and difficult journey through the warp, the Skullsworn overtake their Emperor’s Children rivals on the approach to the civilised planet of Hunter’s Haven. The Skullsworn launch a bloody strike three days before their fellow Chaos Space Marines arrive. When the Emperor’s Children make planetfall, there is little left of the capital city’s populace but dismembered corpses and decapitated heads stacked in pyramidal piles. Enraged by the Skullsworn’s actions, the Daemon Prince known as the Silver Prince leads his bodyguard of Chaos Terminators in a strike directly at the Khornate warband’s commanders. The sudden conflict escalates into a grinding war of attrition that sees both warbands sustain grievous losses; however, both sides revel in the carnage to such an extent neither will back down. The remaining citizens of Hunter’s Haven make use of the reprieve to evacuate, leaving the Chaos Space Marines to fight among themselves.[2]

Known Warband Leaders

Notable Members


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