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Order of the Bloody Rose

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The Order of the Bloody Rose is one of the six major Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas[Needs Citation].

Basic Info
Battle Sister
Name: Order of the Bloody Rose
Founder: Deacis VI[2a]
Honoured Saint: Mina[3a]
Convent: Convent Sanctorum (Ophelia VII)[1]
Founding: M38[3a]
Colours: Blood red armour, black cloaks with white linings and black weapons[2b]
A Bloody Rose banner


The Order is based on Ophelia VII within the Convent Sanctorum[1] and was founded along with the Order of the Sacred Rose by Ecclesiarch Deacis VI[2a] in honour of Sister Mina mid-M38[3a]. Their colours are blood red power armour and black cloaks with white linings. Their weapons are the same black as their cloaks.[2b] The Order is well known for their conviction to bring a swift end to their enemies similar to their patron saint. Consequently, Dominion Squads of the Bloody Rose are of particular renown, where their mission and the Order's convictions coalesce to make for ferocious assaults by these squads.[7]


  • In 424.M41 the battle sisters of the Order of the Bloody Rose were overrun on the Imperial shrine world of Idyll, by the Skullsworn. For doing so the Daemonkin summons a full Daemon cohort - it was the fifth cohort since the Heresy, they have brought forth of their chosen legion.[11]
  • The order now operates a full preceptory at the Shrine of the Seventeen Martyrs near Malfi in response to brewing religious conflicts in the Drusus Marches.[5]

Known Members

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