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Taremar Aurellian

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Taremar 'the Golden'[3] Aurellian was a legendary Brother-Captain of the Grey Knights Third Brotherhood.[2]


He was born on Posul, the Feral Homeworld of the Mortifactors Chapter, and before his thirteenth year, was a fierce warrior who had taken many a foe's head in battle and eaten their flesh. Such was his skill and prowess that their was little doubt amongst the tribes of Posul, that he would be taken to join the Mortifactors, when their Chaplains came to select new Aspirants during the Time of Choosing. When the time came Aurellian was as predicted chosen to become an Aspirant, but when the Mortifactors' Chaplains prepared to take him to their Fortress Monastery, a group of Grey Knights suddenly appeared before them. The Grey Knights demanded that Aurellian be given to them for training, but the Chaplains refused and attacked the interlopers. The Chaplains were no match for the Grey Knights' powers however and were easily killed, before Aurellian was taken to Titan, where he distinguished himself in all aspects of his training.[1]

Aurellian quickly completed his training, fighting alongside the legendary Captain Pelega during the Godjera Incursion and distinguished himself at the Battle for the Kuroniak Basilica. On Prioran IV Aurellian was elevated to the rank of Justicar after slaying the Warp Seer of Argento, who prophesied his death before dying. Centuries of devoted service followed the Seer's death, until Aurellian rose to become a Captain entrusted with the command of a Brotherhood and the safety of Segmentum Solar. Thus when a desperate plea for aid came from the Space Wolves Chapter Master Logan Grimnar on Armageddon, Aurellian was swift to respond; but on the journey there the final words of the Seer of Argento, prophesying his death, echoed in Aurllian's mind, "...and on the world named for the end of days, you shall face the Warrior Son of he you obey, and great will be the lamentation, for death will be your gift to the galaxy."[1]

On Armageddon, when Aurellian began banishing Angron, the Daemon Prince mortally wounded the Grey Knight Captain and vowed that he would be reborn in the Warp; while Aurellian's soul would be devoured by Daemons for all eternity. Aurellian shouted, "So be it!" in reply and sent Angron screaming back into the Warp, before dying from his wounds.[1]