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The Black Library Anthology (2013/14)

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The Black Library Anthology 2013/14
Black Library Anthology 2013.jpg
Author Graham McNeill,
David Annandale
L.J. Goulding
C.L. Werner
Andy Smillie
Cavan Scott
Publisher Black Library
Released 2nd November 2013
Pages 128
Editions 2013 Hardback
ISBN: 978-18497-0652-0

The Black Library Anthology 2013/14 is a short story anthology.
It was released exclusively at the Black Library Weekender event in November 2013.

Black Library Description

"War and death are the only constants in life, be it on the plague-choked streets of an Empire town, in the depths of the Age of Darkness or on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. This collection brings together six tales of death and war. As the The Black Plague sweeps the Old World, the last survivor of a town finds himself in conflict with monstrous ratmen. On Luna, Garviel Loken considers his fate as the Horus Heresy rages. Commissar Yarrick leads his forces against the foes of the Imperium, as does a Chaplain of the Flesh Tearers - but with very different purposes. And the Necrons rise, as the Flayed Ones prey on the citizens of a ravaged world, and the lords of Borsis plan a coup against a soulless overlord." [1]

Works included in this anthology