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The Seventy

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The Seventy is the name given to those surviving Loyalist Death Guard members of Captain Nathaniel Garro's Company and one Son of Horus, who escaped aboard the Eisenstein to bring word back to the Imperium of Horus's betrayal.[1] The group would still be referred by this name even when their numbers began to dwindle, as the Horus Heresy wore on.[3]

By the late stages of the Heresy few of The Seventy remained, with Malcador the Sigillite refusing to share their fates with Garro. However, Garro believed they were on Terra[5a] and while there, he tasked his fellow member of The Seventy Helig Gallor with finding their Battle Brothers[5b]. Gallor succeeded in finding those[5c] that were on Terra[5b] and, shortly before Horus' forces invaded the Sol System, the remnants of The Seventy were gathered and ready to defend the Imperial Palace, under Garro's command.[5c]

Known Members