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Tormentor Helm

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The Tormentor Helm is the name of the helmet worn by Incubi warriors, and is easily recognisable by the scorpion tail-like gun protruding from the top of the helmet. This gun is actually a miniaturised Splinter Pistol, allowing the Incubi some form of ranged attack, as well as allowing for increased ability in melee combat. While the gun functions the same as a normal Splinter Pistol, the method with which the gun is fired has been replaced by a neural sensor embedded in the helmet. This sensor monitors the thoughts of the user, and triggers the firing of the weapon once the command is thought. This allows for completely hands-free operation of the Incubus's firearm, a necessary development due to the sect's focus on assaulting using their infamous Punishers.[1]

Later Editions

The Tormentor Helm was not included as part of the Incubi wargear in the 5th edition.

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