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3rd Brotherhood (White Scars)

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The badge of the 3rd Brotherhood.[1]

The 3rd Brotherhood of the White Scars, known as the Eagle Brotherhood, is one of the Chapter's ten Brotherhoods.[1][2a][2b]


The Marines of the Eagle Brotherhood seek to master the ways of the hunter, famed for their ability to take the heads of even the largest and most dangerous of the Chapter's enemies.[2b]

The 3rd Brotherhood is known to field a number of Primaris Vanguard squadrons, as they have recognised the value of Phobos Armour, believing it suited well to the hunt.[2b]

Notable Engagements

As they are led by the Chapter's current Master of the Hunt, Kor'sarro Khan, in recent history Marines of the 3rd Brotherhood have been at the forefront of his Great Hunts.[2c]

Amongst the most notable of these are the hunt for the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius[2c][3a] and the hunt for the T'au Commander Shadowsun (which was temporarily suspended to allow the White Scars to relieve their homeworld from an invasion by the Red Corsairs).[2c]

Notable Members