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Interrogator-Chaplain Altheous

Altheous is an Interrogator-Chaplain of the Dark Angels, who was part of his Chapter's strike force sent to secure the Calaphrax Cluster.[1a]


Altheous was charged by Supreme Grand Master Azrael to accompany Master Seraphus' Lion's Blade strike force to the Calaphrax Cluster, a region that had been cut off by warp-storms for ten millennia, in order to ensure the secret of the Fallen was preserved.[1a]

The Interrogator-Chaplain departed from the main strike force to ascertain the loyalty of the Knight World of Tintaroth. On arrival, he was told he was not welcome, but was granted an audience when he said that he came from beyond the storm with word of the Emperor.[1b] The Knights of Tintaroth knew nothing of the Emperor, and did not recognise his dominion, preferring to stand alone. Nevertheless, when news came that Exyrion was under attack, they were impressed with his conviction and agreed to aid his cause.[1c]

When Altheous arrived on Exyrion, he was informed that the second contingent of Knights would not be following as they had been persuaded that Altheous was a renegade by another Dark Angel. He led the first contingent in the Second Battle of Exyrion until the activation of the Orb of Exyrion devastated the surface.[1d]

Unable to extract anything useful from one of the Fallen imprisoned on the strike force's Battle Barge and with only vague reports from Tintaroth, Altheous turned his attention to Baltus' sighting of one of the Fallen on Exyrion. Master Seraphus sent him away from the main strike force again to pursue a Thunderhawk seen leaving the planet.[2a] Investigating the Hyberian, a Space Hulk orbiting Pandrosar, his team realised time was distorted and that they were being hunted by a Chaos Terminator and Bloodletters.[2b] Finding a shrine of ancient Dark Angels Legion relics, Altheous revealed the truth of the Fallen to Baltus.[2c]


Altheous wears Power Armour with a Skull Helm. He is armed with a Crozius Arcanum, Power Fist, and Bolt Pistol.[1d]


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