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Avenging Sons

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The Avenging Sons are a Space Marine Chapter, of Ultramarines descent.[3]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
Avenging Sons.jpg
- Avenging Sons -
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines[3]
Founding: 19th Founding[Needs Citation]
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Traekonnis Major[4]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Navy Blue[6]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Avenging Sons Schulterpanzer.jpg


The Avenging Sons were created during the 19th Founding[Needs Citation] and are based on the world Traekonnis Major.[4] They wear navy blue power armour with yellow trim on their shoulder armour and their symbol is a white cross. A white diagonal stripe with a roman numeral in the centre denotes the company.[6]

Notable Campaigns

  • ???.M41 - The Avenging Sons' 2nd Company took extremely heavy casualties during the Antillis IV campaign. Outnumbered by the forces of Chaos, led by a warband of the World Eaters, accompanied by the apothecary of the World Eater's first company, Fabrikus, the detachment was ground down and eventually surrounded. Their defences broken, they fought to the end, detonating their position just at the moment of being completely overrun. The only known survivor was a single member of an attached Scout Squad[1].
  • ???.M41 - The Avenging Sons Third Company turned renegade after taking heavy casualties against a numberless enemy whilst fighting in the civil war on Helmabad. Deciding that being a renegade band was better than staying and dying for little worth, they led a revolt, killing their Chaplain and those battle brothers who would not follow them. The Third then negotiated with the traitors for safe passage to their Thunderhawk in return for leaving the planetary governor undefended. After fleeing the planet, which was struck by a Warp Storm forewarned by their Librarian, the Third Company painted over their Chapter badges and other Imperial symbols and set course for the Eye of Terror.[3]
  • 998.M41 - First Taros Intervention.[2a][Note] A strike force of Avenging Sons fought in the war on T'ros (Taros). Avenging Sons Captain Armaros led the Taros Intervention Force in order to kill Planetary Governor Aulis but they were surprised by the PDF forces and Tau warriors and failed[2b].

Chapter Elements


Notable Characters

Canon Conflicts

Per the Dark Imperium novel by Guy Haley, a Chapter of Primaris Space Marines is founded at the Pit of Raukos as the last stage of the Ultima Founding, called the Avenging Sons. Guilliman bases this new Chapter at Callimachus, within the reformed Ultramar.[5]


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