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Beyreuth was the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes when the Ork Warlord known as The Beast invaded the Imperium.

He later led the Adeptus Custodes in battle against the Harlequins of the Troupe of Joyful Tears, when they entered the Imperial Palace; intent on meeting with the Emperor. Though only the Shadowseer Lhaerial Rey and Death Jester Bho reached the chamber that led to the Golden Throne, they were able to kill dozens of the Adeptus Custodes; all while the Shadowseer insisted she came in peace and had been charged by the Ulthwé Farseer Eldrad Ulthran to deliver an important message to the Emperor. The Adeptus Custodes would not relent in their attacks however and were able to kill Bho and pin Lhaerial to the ground. Though Lhaerial continued to insist on meeting with the Emperor, an enraged Beyreuth was about to give the order to kill the Shadowseer, until the Inquisitor Lord Veritus intervened. Using his position as the Inquisition's representative in the High Lords of Terra, Veritus forced Beyreuth to release Lhaerial to him, so he could interrogate the Shadowseer.[1]

After The Beheading, the new de facto ruler of the Imperium Drakan Vangorich reminded him of the fact that the Eldar nearly breached the Eternity Gate. This was able to convince Beyreuth to join Imperial politics and he joined Vangorich on the Senatorum Imperialis.[2]