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Call of Chaos

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Call of Chaos
Author Various
Publisher Black Library

Call of Chaos is a short story series released online.

Cover Description

Across the Imperium and beyond, many hear the Call of Chaos. The Dark Gods touch many minds, and few can resist their clarion call. Even amongst the mighty Space Marines, there are many who have fallen into the lure of the Ruinous Powers. In the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom, they battle amongst themselves for power, glory and followers, before launching raids on the Imperium they once strove to protect. This collection contains twelve stories about champions of Chaos and those who stand against them.

Stories in Series

Divine Will

Written by Andy Smillie

A Vindicare Assassin thwarts an attempt on the life of an inquisitor as a way to spread faith in the Emperor.

In Wolves' Clothing

Written by Ian St. Martin

Striking into the Eye of Terror like the spear of Russ himself, the Space Wolves crew of the warship Reiodi bring to heel a thrice-cursed traitor from the days of the Horus Heresy. But this prey is more dangerous than the hunters know, even after he dies. After all, there's a reason he's known as Lucius the Eternal...

Gift of the Gods

Written by Ben Counter

Lord Antonidas Hajos, the leader of a banished faction of Dire Claws Chaos Space Marines, looks to spread the worship of the Dark Gods to the people of a backwater feral world.


Written by C.Z. Dunn

Fenris. One of the mightiest worlds of the Imperium, home to the Space Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, an impregnable bastion of humanity's might... or is it? When the treacherous Word Bearers come to Fenris, it falls to Lukas the Trickster, the so-called Jackalwolf, to defend his home world from the interlopers. Can even his vaunted cunning defeat their machinations, or will Lukas – and his Chapter – fall to the Dark Gods?


Written by Chris Wraight

On the world of Harrowar, siege lines and armies span the entire planet... but after years of preparation, war is yet to begin. Warsmith Bakulos arrives to take command of the Iron Warriors and ensure that the continent-spanning siege becomes a war that he can win. But his old comrade Kurr doesn't see it that way, and Bakulos remembers the events that have led them both to this place and the final confrontation that inevitably awaits them.

Black Iron

Written by Graeme Lyon

Bored of life garrisoning a daemon world in the Eye of Terror, Warsmith Kallus of the Iron Warriors takes his destiny into his hands and seeks the favour of the Warmaster, Abaddon the Despoiler. He is tasked with a mission that will secure his ascension to the ranks of the Black Legion: infiltrate and capture a forge world controlled by his former brothers. What will Kallus do to meet his goals... and what will it cost him?

A Song for the Lost

Written by Robbie MacNiven

In the Basilica of Himaeus the Justicar, nursing his latest beating from Bishop Eziah, young Ulix waits for Sister D’Fey to come and sing to him the only song that can ease his pain. He knows not why the other boys in the dorm hate her presence – nor does he care. When she sings the Song for the Lost, all his fears are soothed. As her voice lulls him to sleep, he cannot know that in his desire to escape the hardships of his life, he walks a path to an even darker future.

Blood and Iron

Written by Robbie MacNiven

Ferrix, an Iron Warriors warpsmith on the corrupted forge world of Dementius, has his sights set on the most powerful fusion of daemon and machine he has yet attempted, seeking to unleash the violence of Khorne through the ultimate weapon.

Glory from Chaos

Written by Chris Dows

Jetek Suberei of the White Scars gains a most curious ally when he and his savage battle-brothers pursue the Tzeentchian sorcerer Karnel the Ruinous to a mysterious planet to save their captured brothers. As events unfold on Valaena, Suberei will have to face his own prejudices if he is to succeed with his mission.

Midnight Rotation

Written by Dan Abnett

It started as just another midnight rotation for Cawkus, trooper, second class of the 50th Urdesh Regular, guarding Munitorum supplies at Depot 686 during a months-long siege. Retrace his footsteps as he recounts the events of that fateful night and uncovers a conspiracy that could strike at the heart of the city.

Without Fear

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Aeneas prepares for battle. He performs the sacred rituals that stir the machine-spirits of his weapons and armour, and joins his battle-brothers in reciting the ancient oaths of their unit. On the planet below, hordes of Chaos-tainted cultists await their arrival, driven beyond reason by their desire to kill. But Aeneas knows that the Ultramarines will be victorious, no matter the odds – because they are without fear.

The Staff of Asclepius

Written by Graham McNeill

Wounded Ultramarines Apothecary Isstvan Cantaro, the last survivor of an attack on his ship, seeks to protect the sacred gene-seed of his battle-brothers from the vile intent of Dzyban of the Emperor's Children, and the hundreds of cultists now stalking the ship.

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